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Ceiling Design
Here are our most common venues for draping. If you don't see your venue listed below, or would like a quote for a different style, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Centre Square

Partial Gathered (white chiffon)-$700

Criss-Cross Cathedral-$900

Cathedral Drape-$800

Café lights (6 strands)-$600

String lights (6 strands)-$450

Wall Draping-$1000

My Old Kentucky Home


Rotunda Draping-$700

Rotunda string lighting-$450

Rotunda cafe lighting-$600

Veranda string lights-$400

Veranda Cafe lights-$500

Carriage House string lighting-$300

Carriage House cafe lighting-$450

Pathway free standing cafe lighting-$600

Travel fee-$75

Tent Drapings


30x70 Tent Draping-$1,000

30x70 Tent string lighting-$450

30x70cafe lighting-$600

60x100 Tent Criss Cross Cathedral Tent Draping- $1500

60x100 Tent String lights-$600

60x100 Tent Cafe lights-$750

Plus travel fee outside of Lebanon, KY


Guthrie Opportunity Center

Entire Room

Full Drape-$2500

Partial Drape-$1500

Partial Gathered-$1500

String Lights-$500

Café Lights-$750

White Wall Draping-$1500

Half Room

Full Drape- $1400

Partial Drape-$900

Partial Gathered-$900

String Lights-$400

Cafe Lights-$600

White Wall Draping-$1000

Plus $75 travel fee



The Marion Barn

Traditional Cathedral- $600

High Peak Cathedral-$400

Café lights-$500

String lights-$400


Holy Trinity 

Full Drape-$1600

Partial Drape-$900

Partial Gathered-$900

String lights-$450

Cafe lights-$600

White Wall Draping-$1200

Plus $50 travel fee


St. Dominic

Full Drape-$1300

Partial Drape-$900

Partial Gathered-$900

String Lights-$450

Café Lights-$600

White Wall Draping-$1200



Driscoll Estates

Swoop Draping-$600

Pipe and Drape-$800

Entrance Cutrains-$200

Plus $200 travel fee


St. Gregory

Full Drape-$1400

Partial Drape-$1000

Partial Gathered-$1000

String lights-$550

Cafe lights-$700

White Wall Draping-$1300

Plus $75 travel fee


The Place at Gilead

Partial Drape-$800

Partial Gathered-$800

String Lights-$400

Cafe lights-$550

Travel fee-$150




St. Augustine and St Francis


Free Standing Pipe and Drape-$1000

String lights-$500

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